The Smart Woman’s Guide to Style & Clothing: A Step-By-Step Process for Creating the Perfect Wardrobe

style & clothing book cover

If you have too many clothes but nothing to wear, you need The Smart Woman’s Guide to Style & Clothing.

Do you have clothes that do not fit well, do not flatter you, or do not go with anything else in your closet? This is a common problem that few of us have the time, money, or expertise to solve.

Fortunately, author Kara Lane researched the issue and found a solution. She developed a system for creating a versatile, stylish, personalized wardrobe. You can create your own look-good, feel-good wardrobe by following the ten steps in the Style & Clothing System:

Step 1: Identify wardrobe needs based on your lifestyle
Step 2: Select the wardrobe classics that appeal to you
Step 3: Choose your colors, patterns, and clothing styles
Step 4: Know what fits and flatters your body
Step 5: Decide what quality and quantity of clothing you want
Step 6: Pick your shoes, handbags, jewelry, and other accessories
Step 7: Choose your preferred brands and stores
Step 8: Put together outfits and consult style resources as needed
Step 9: Analyze, declutter, and organize your wardrobe
Step 10: Complete your Style & Clothing Checklist

In this comprehensive guide, you will learn the colors and styles that flatter your skin tone and body shape. You will discover techniques for creating more outfits with fewer clothes. You will receive recommendations for brands, stores, and style resources…and much more.

If you use the Style & Clothing System to guide future purchases, you will simplify your life and create a wardrobe you will love!